Best Entourage Quotes, Our Favorites

Drama: Look, Vince. There's no shame in playing gay. Look at Tom Hanks in Philadelphia. Guy won an Oscar. I'd take it in the ass on camera for an Oscar.
Turtle: You'd take it in the ass for a guest spot on The Hughleys.

From S01E07, The Scene, Turtle

Ari: I'm ready to go here, all right? It's like R. Kelly at recess.

From Ari Gold, S01E07, The Scene

Turtle: I thought you don't pay for sex?
Drama: I'm not payin for sex. I'm payin her rent, jerkoff.

From Johnny "Drama" Chase, S01E07, The Scene

Eric: Did you cancel the newspapers?
Turtle: You gotta tell me these things.
Eric: You gotta learn to anticipate, Turtle.
Turtle: There's a chain of command, all right? I'm a soldier. I wait for orders.

From S01E08, New York, Turtle

Turtle: Vince ain't got no weaknesses.
Drama: That's a double negative.
Turtle: Huh?
Drama: You just said he's got weaknesses.

From Johnny "Drama" Chase, S01E08, New York

Vince: Just go easy on him. He's having a rough day.
Ari: What's wrong, E? What happened?
Vince: He's not getting any.
Ari: Oh no. You kidding me? Want me to get Lloyd in here and have him Hara-Kiri you his pecker or no?

From Ari Gold, S02E01, The Boys Are Back in Town

Eric: Tom Cruise is gonna play Pablo Escobar? Come on, the guy's not even Hispanic.
Ari: Yeah and Hilary Swank has a vagina and she won an Oscar pretending she has a dick. That's what actors do. They pretend.

From Ari Gold, S02E01, The Boys Are Back in Town

Ari: I paid two grand for these seats! I'll get out there and launch a three if I want.

From Ari Gold, S02E02, My Maserati Does 185

Drama: Let me get this straight... she convinces you to get these extravagant accommodations... and then she bails?
Eric: She didn't bail. She got sick. Before the date, unlike your girls who get sick when they arrive.

From Eric "E" Murphy, S02E02, My Maserati Does 185

Vince: Yep. He bought Kristen jewelry and he's confessing tonight.
Ari: No, no, no. No confession. Do you read the papers, you idiot? You hear about this guy? He confessed to a murder in 1973 with no clues... yeah, they're gonna give him 25 years. Shut your mouth, do not say a word or you will just end up being gang-banged by a bunch of cholos.

From Ari Gold, S02E02, My Maserati Does 185

Realtor: Craftsmans are very hot right now, Vince. I just sold one to that actor from Smallville.
Vince: Where's Smallville?

From S02E03, Aquamansion, Vincent Chase

Shauna: What's next?
Christy: Gotta get the Godiva chocolates for Star Jones.
Shauna: Better make room in the fuckin trunk.

From S02E03, Aquamansion, Shauna Roberts

Vince: No way I'm gonna be on a seventy foot screen looking like an underwater Elton John.

From S02E03, Aquamansion, Vincent Chase

Drama: You know, Vince. Wearing a costume can be very liberating as an actor. You remember how much I enjoyed being a Power Ranger.
Turtle: You were a Power Ranger on City Walk, Drama. You were trying to get people to change their long distance plan.
Drama: So? Still liberating.

From Johnny "Drama" Chase, S02E03, Aquamansion

Ari: The good news is I just sold Playboy TV to North Korea. Kim Jong-Il loves Night Calls. The bad news is your boy Drama will not be joining us.
Eric: You know, Ari, you carry about as much weight as Lara Flynn Boyle.

From Eric "E" Murphy, S02E03, Aquamansion

Mrs. Ari: I want three weeks in the south of France with the children.
Ari: Oh my god, baby! Of course you can go.
Mrs. Ari: With you. And if you're not home by 2am, I'm going to be standing at the gate screaming, "Ari Gold, superagent, forgot his Viagra."

From Mrs. Ari, S02E03, Aquamansion

Ari: You know The Station Agent, Eric?
Eric: Yeah.
Ari: Monster fuckin hit at Sundance. Did you see it? It's about the midget who lives by the train tracks. The last time I saw him he was in a FedEx commercial. They were overnighting him to London.

From Ari Gold, S02E04, An Offer Refused

Eric: You'll never give me credit for anything, will you?
Ari: You got me. Are you kidding? Sundance, it's... it's a great festival for little people. You should kill over there. But for the rest of us normal folk, it's just a chance to try to fuck a Mormon.

From Ari Gold, S02E04, An Offer Refused