Best Entourage Quotes, Our Favorites

Turtle: I've never done the ass.
Scotty: Really? Oh, you should.
Turtle: Why? Is it that great?
Drama: Are you kidding? Vagina's my third favorite hole, bro.

From Johnny "Drama" Chase, S07E05, Bottoms Up

Scotty: Are you really worried that I'm going to steal your client?
Eric: He's not just my client. He's my best friend since I'm five years old.
Scotty: Oh, so you're worried I'm going to steal your best friend. You can't compete with me there, Eric! I'm way more fun than you are! I'm single! You are old and an almost-married man. Let youth be served.

From S07E04, Tequila Sunrise, Scotty Lavin

Eric: You bought a motorcycle?
Vince: Don't worry, E. I made sure to get one with airbags.

From S07E03, Dramedy, Vincent Chase

Bob: We're gonna sit here until I comprehend why you blew me off for lunch.
Eric: Oh, come on, it wasn't personal.
Bob: You know what was personal? I got blown by two girls last night. And in the middle of it, some guy comes home and says, "what are you doing with my wives?" Wives! Mormon shit. I'm serious.

From Bob Saget, S07E02, Buzzed

Eric: You want to help? Read a script for Johnny Chase.
Scotty: Ha. I'd rather have my asshole waxed.

From S07E02, Buzzed, Scotty Lavin

Lizzie: You got the meeting? Shit, that's impressive.
Ari: Yeah. I'd blow myself if I was more flexible.

From Ari Gold, S07E02, Buzzed

Ari: Hey, dickhead. What's the beef?
Drama: No beef. I just wish you would put as much effort into my career as you do your own.
Ari: That sounds... reasonable.

From Johnny "Drama" Chase, S07E01, Stunted

Ari: Jesus Christ, you all suck. If I didn't have a five-year lease on this place, I'd shut it down and work out of a cardboard box by myself.

From Ari Gold, S07E01, Stunted

Matt: You guys are flying private to Italy, huh? Must be nice.
Drama: And what are you guys doing here? Saving the geese from an untimely death?

From Johnny "Drama" Chase, S06E12, Give a Little Bit

Drama: Well, for a minute there, I didn't think I wanted this anymore. But then it hit me... what I don't want anymore is the rejection. Eighteen years of it has taken its toll. I was on this show once before and I was on another series for the past 87 episodes. I've done over 140 guest spots on TV and other movies, 16 plays, 39 commercials... yet still you haven't seen enough to just offer me the part. Still you make me sing for my supper.
Director: Hey, if you don't want to, I mean -
Drama: It doesn't matter if I want to. I have to.

From Johnny "Drama" Chase, S06E12, Give a Little Bit

Terrance: Andrew! Nice to see you. I didn't realize you were still in the business.
Andrew: Die.
Terrance: Not for you. Not for any TV agent.

From S06E12, Give a Little Bit, Terrance McQuewick

Terrance: If you change your mind, you know where I am.
Ari: Clubbing baby seals somewhere?

From Ari Gold, S06E11, Scared Straight

Dan: You can move me up that list?
Ari: I can move mountains, Dan.

From Ari Gold, S06E10, Berried Alive

Craig: I really look forward to helping you out. Uh... do you know when he'll be back?
Ari: You want the truth?
Craig: Sure.
Ari: He won't. I killed him. I shot him and I buried him underneath my desk. Any more questions?

From Ari Gold, S06E09, Security Briefs

Ari: Has the collagen seeped into your brainstem, Babs?

From Ari Gold, S06E08, The Sorkin Notes

Bob: I used to live next door to these guys. The puss that rolled in and out of there made my house look like a monastery.

From Bob Saget, S06E07, No More Drama

Eric: Murray said that this whole place is kind of like a team thing, so...
Scotty: Yeah! It is! And like any team, you got LeBron James who makes $120 million, then you've got a jerkoff who's on a ten-day contract. Whichever one of those you think you're gonna be, neither steals the ball from the other.

From S06E07, No More Drama, Scotty Lavin

Ari: Maybe we could have office phone sex, baby. Haven't done that since the early '90s.
Mrs. Ari: You have glass doors.
Ari: It'll be Lloyd's year-end bonus. He'd rather that than cash. Trust me.

From Ari Gold, S06E06, Murphy's Lie