Best Entourage Quotes, Our Favorites

Josh: Frank. Darabont. Vince a fan?
Eric: Who isn't?
Josh: Yeah. Shawshank almost makes me wish I did prison time.

From Josh Weinstein, S05E08, First Class Jerk

Lloyd: Are you hiding something from me, Ari?
Ari: Only my cock and my asshole, Lloyd.

From Ari Gold, S05E07, Gotta Look Up to Get Down

Eric: How are those want ads looking, Turtle?
Turtle: Depressing. You guys think I could sell myself to old broads for cash?
Eric: Yeah, if they have vision problems.

From Eric "E" Murphy, S05E06, Redomption

Eric: Wow. Golf on a Wednesday, huh, Ari? In the next life, I want to come back as you.
Ari: Wish I could return the compliment, E, but I'd rather come back as one of Michael Vick's dogs.

From Ari Gold, S05E06, Redomption

Tom: Tell him to suck it.
Lloyd: Shh!
Ari: Tell him I heard that and tell him I will seal up your asshole with cement if I am disrespected.

From Ari Gold, S05E05, Tree Trippers

Shauna: You're not wearing a tank top and fucking shorts on The View, Drama. Who do you think you are? Richard Simmons?
Turtle: Only gayer.

From S05E04, Fire Sale, Shauna Roberts

Ari: This means war, Lloyd.
Lloyd: I thought it was war when I sent him shit this morning.

From Lloyd Lee, S05E03, The All Out Fall Out

Shauna: Do we have any appearances that Vince can do?
Christy: Actually, I just got a call from some guy in Bel Air about his daughter's sweet sixteen. Zac Efron was supposed to do it but his appendix exploded.
Shauna: Great! Call him back and tell him we have an actor whose testicles have actually dropped.

From S05E03, The All Out Fall Out, Shauna Roberts

Turtle: Since when don't we share the details of our love life?
Eric: Since you shared the details of the girl with anal warts.
Turtle: That was therapy, not entertainment.

From Eric "E" Murphy, S05E03, The All Out Fall Out

Eric: So what do you want us to do? You want us to sit around and do nothing?
Ari: I thought you weren't going to talk. But since you are, yes. You should sit around and do nothing. Or maybe go to Vinnie's super secret hideaway in Mexico and come back when you're tan. Or tall. Whichever comes first.

From Ari Gold, S05E02, Unlike a Virgin

Ari: If you need a kidney, Adam, I'm not willing to donate. But I am willing to watch you slowly die if you're looking for that kind of thing.

From Ari Gold, S05E01, Fantasy Island

Vince: It is good. You were right, E.
Turtle: Real dumb title though. What do you guys think about M is for Amnesia instead?
Drama: I think the tropical sun melted your brain.

From Johnny "Drama" Chase, S05E01, Fantasy Island

Ari: You two have a little rift? Playing the Medellin blame game? Let it go. Like a bad piece of pussy, just forget that you smelled it and move on.

From Ari Gold, S05E01, Fantasy Island

Drama: We've done 54 episodes and I've never gone right. Even if we do 500 more, I never will.
Linda: Come on. Johnny, let's just get this done.
Drama: Let him shoot you without a padded bra, Linda, and then I'll let him shoot my right side.

From Johnny "Drama" Chase, S05E01, Fantasy Island

Ari: The guy's about as positive as Mother Teresa's AIDS test.

From Ari Gold, S04E12, The Cannes Kids

Ari: It doesn't matter what any of you wish cause you are with the master of the universe. And he will deliver a sale of Medellin not to be believed.
Vince: I sure hope so.
Billy: No need to hope, Vince. This film will sell itself. Ari'll be nothing more than a marionette that shakes his head yes or no... or says "double your offer."

From Billy Walsh, S04E12, The Cannes Kids

Billy: Somebody grab my fucking luggage!
Drama: You got a lot of bags, Billy? I like a lot of wardrobe changes too when traveling abroad.
Billy: I got one bag, Drama, you fruit cup, but I took three Ambien and I can't lift my arms.

From Billy Walsh, S04E11, No Cannes Do

Vince: You're bringing your wife? It's supposed to be a boys' trip.
Ari: Vinnie, when you get married, you realize that a wife is like a herpes sore; she comes and goes when and where she pleases.
Drama: Well get some Valtrex, cause the rest of us are going to be yachting and boozing it up with bronze-looking broads.

From Ari Gold, S04E11, No Cannes Do