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Amanda Daniels

Amanda: You want me to walk you to your car? This town's not safe for a bitch.

Amanda: I need an answer on Glimpses and you do not return my calls.
Eric: We called you back on Friday.
Amanda: You left a message at my office at 10pm. Who'd you think was going to answer, the janitor?

Amanda: What's changed besides the appearance of Ari's receding hairline?

Amanda: I hate sexual tension, Vince. It always leads to confusion.
Vince: I couldn't agree more.
Amanda: Good. Then let's get it out of the way by fucking each other's brains out and never talking about it again so we can move on to a very successful and professional agent-client relationship.

Amanda: Edward Norton is an Academy Award nominee who wants to take a very raw script and turn it into something special. If you want to go and sell it to the first person with deep pockets for Vincent Chase, be my guest. It'll be a piece of shit like the last movie you guys made.

Amanda: The tapes are so clear it sounds like they were professionally recorded.
Ari: You heard them?
Amanda: I listened to them the last three nights and played with myself while fantasizing about fucking you in the ass.