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Andrew Dice Clay

Dice: Would you be up for a little sit down? Today?
Eric: Today?
Dice: Or even sooner.

Dice: I used to live on three acres in Beverly Hills. Now I live in an apartment in Encino with my wife, my kids, and a sick fucking cat.
Scotty: He's got you beat, Drama.
Drama: Maybe cause of the cat.

Turtle: She called Abby but she hasn't called me.
Drama: Maybe she's gone lesbo and she's too ashamed to tell you.
Dice: Who would be ashamed of that?

Eric: After talking to Phil, we think it's a bad idea, Dice.
Dice: Oh, yeah? And what about you, Drama? What do you think?
Drama: Well...
Dice: Well, what? Are you going pussy soft on me?

Scotty: We just need you to think about the big picture. We need you to think long term.
Dice: Long term? Let me tell you something. I was starring in movies while you were still sittin on the bottom of your daddy's nutsack.