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Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Turtle: So it's cool if I call you?
Jamie-Lynn: Wait a couple of days... I'm kidding. Yes, you can call me.

Jamie-Lynn: Just come over.
Turtle: Is this a booty call?
Jamie-Lynn: When are you gonna learn that talking just gets you into trouble, Turtle?

Turtle: Why'd you call last night?
Jamie-Lynn: My therapist says I'm attracted to losers.
Turtle: Lucky me.

Turtle: I always wanted to open up a restaurant. Good food, maybe some delivery... call it Turtle's.
Jamie-Lynn: Cute. But it doesn't exactly imply speed service.

Jamie-Lynn: I'm downloading you the new Empire of the Sun album.
Turtle: I thought you were picking songs for you.
Jamie-Lynn: I started to but I gave up when I came across your Boyz II Men collection.