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Jeffrey Tambor

Ari: Alan Grey died.
Jeffrey: Yeah? So what? I hated that prick.
Ari: I know you did.
Jeffrey: You know, that man had the audacity to tell me that he was going to put me in the Branagh film? And I'm not in that.

Ari: Every day I get an offer for you and you don't want to do anything.
Jeffrey: I wanted to do that Pitt film.
Ari: You wanted to do his role.

Son 1: Dad, can we get the fuck out of here already?
Son 2: Yeah, Dad, it's fucking hot. And so fucking boring.
Jeffrey: Hey, hey, hey! This is a family day! Now shut the fuck up and hit the ball!

Jeffrey: You guys laughing at Ari? Don't you know he's the devil? You want to extricate yourself from his destructive powers.

Jeffrey: Come on. I am no stranger to scandal.
Ari: What scandal have you been involved with?
Jeffrey: Well, there was that little incident on Arrested Development. If you haven't heard about it, there's no reason to hear about it now.