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Eric: Well, you look great.
Kristen: Thanks. I'm probably in the best shape of my life. You look like shit.
Eric: I do?
Kristen: Yeah. And who's been cutting your hair? Turtle?

Eric: So... what? You just had sex with me as like a goodbye?
Kristen: Yeah. And it was great.
Eric: I feel dirty.
Kristen: Take a shower.

Kristen: Umm... I got home and checked my messages and heard you calling Emily.
Eric: Look, I was drunk last night. I must have dialed your number by accident.
Kristen: Yeah, are you sure it wasn't your subconscious way of trying to reach out to me?
Eric: Are you analyzing me right now?

Kristen: When you're around him you feel great. But when you're not, you go through withdrawal and you talk about quitting all the time. Classic addiction symptoms.
Eric: So, what? This is all my fault? Is that what you're saying?
Kristen: No. I think you're both fucked up codependents.