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Lloyd Lee

Lloyd: You're drinking in the middle of the day?
Ari: Yeah, well, they do it on Mad Men all the time and they're pretty successful.
Lloyd: That was in the '60s. By the time they get to season four in the '70s, they'll all have liver and heart disease.

Ari: You still wanna be head of the TV department?
Lloyd: I would let you pull out all my fingernails with pliers for the honor.

Ari: This means war, Lloyd.
Lloyd: I thought it was war when I sent him shit this morning.

Eric: Lloyd, it's Eric Murphy. I need to talk to Ari.
Lloyd: Eric, he told me if I disturbed him he'd chop me up Benihana style.

Lloyd: Ari has always been gracious and lovely, fair and reasonable. This has been a dreamlike job from minute one.
Attorney: And would you say that if you were under oath facing a perjury charge and possible jail time?
Lloyd: Oh, God, I can't do time, Ari! I don't think anybody in my family could. I'm sorry!

Ari: Wow. You sold me out.
Lloyd: Oh, go ahead and be mad, but I've grown four new ulcers keeping your secrets.

Lloyd: I always imagined a double teaming would be more fun than that.

Ari: Why don't we start the day off with some hugs and kisses? Everyone except for you and me, Lloyd. That ain't happening.
Barbara: Ari!
Ari: What? I thought it was very courteous of me to not want to get him excited.
Lloyd: Don't make me retain counsel, Ari.

Andrew: What, is Barbara Miller some kind of a fashion guru?
Lloyd: Not if you ask me, she isn't. When I think of Barbara Miller, the first thing I think of is way too much skin.

Andrew: I feel like a douche.
Lloyd: Andrew, my voice must be heard. You do not look like a douche. You look like a powerful, handsome new Miller Gold partner.
Ari: You stick with me, Andrew, and that won't be the last offer you have for a blowjob today.

Ari: Did you know that my father was very strict?
Lloyd: No.
Ari: Yeah. He berated me and he pushed me and he insulted me. And it made me feel very insecure and lost. But I became a man... my own man. And now I berate and I push!
Lloyd: I've noticed.

Ari: You pregnant?
Lloyd: I'd never carry a baby after all the hard work I put into this body.

Turtle: Sup, Lloyd?
Lloyd: Hello, Mr... Turtle.

Lloyd: Greed is no longer good, Johnny.
Drama: This isn't about greed, Lloyd. It's about doing good work.
Lloyd: Well, you could be doing good work at a dinner theater in Boca Raton, Florida, if you don't get back to work.

Ari: Lloyd, I need information on Heath Ledger.
Lloyd: 44" chest, Aries, and he loves rainy days and black and white movies.
Ari: As in who represents him, Lloyd?

Lloyd: What are you up to, Ari?
Ari: Sabotage, Lloyd. Agency 101.
Lloyd: Oh, goody. We haven't had a stealth adventure in a while.

Lloyd: He was a rose. A bright, red rose in the massive oil spill of life. And without him, everything is just... gooky.

Ari: I trust you heard that Adam Davies was promoted to the head of his talent department.
Lloyd: I did and I was preparing to send him feces.