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Lloyd Lee

Lloyd: He was a rose. A bright, red rose in the massive oil spill of life. And without him, everything is just... gooky.

Lloyd: What are you up to, Ari?
Ari: Sabotage, Lloyd. Agency 101.
Lloyd: Oh, goody. We haven't had a stealth adventure in a while.

Ari: Lloyd, I need information on Heath Ledger.
Lloyd: 44" chest, Aries, and he loves rainy days and black and white movies.
Ari: As in who represents him, Lloyd?

Lloyd: Are you happy, Ari, or is this madness that will turn on me at a moment's notice?

Lloyd: Bob Ryan is outside. He said to tell you that he will hoist himself on his own petard if you don't come see him. I don't know what it means but it sounds dangerous.

Lloyd: Sorry, Drama, I don't have Ari anymore.
Drama: You just had him for Vince.
Lloyd: Yeah but then you told me that Vince was sleeping, and now I lost him. But tell Vince to please call Ari when he wakes up and I'll have him again.

Eric: Lloyd, it's Eric Murphy. I need to talk to Ari.
Lloyd: Eric, he told me if I disturbed him he'd chop me up Benihana style.

Eric: Is he decent?
Lloyd: Eric, I'll deny I said this, but no, he's not decent. He's an awful human being.