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Eric: What am I supposed to do? He wanted the car, he got the car. I can't tell him how to spend his money.
Marvin: But you got enough balls to tell him to pass on a four million dollar fuckin movie offer?
Eric: Look, the script sucked. All right, Marvin?
Marvin: He wants artistic integrity? Then let him drive around in a Prius.

Vince: I kinda went in on a bet with Dennis Hopper on Manchester United and we're down.
Marvin: Are you out of your mind, Vince? What do you know about soccer? Get the fuck out of there.
Vince: I already placed the bet, Marvin. I can't just walk out.
Marvin: Bullshit! You put one foot in front of the other and move em.

Turtle: Should I just get an appetizer?
Marvin: You should go on a hunger strike.

Drama: Maybe that's why I'm alone.
Marvin: Maybe it's because you're fuckin ugly.

Turtle: My business is growing.
Marvin: You lost two grand last month.
Turtle: Yeah, but I lost three grand the month before.
Marvin: That's because you stopped eating lunch.