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Mrs. Ari

Mrs. Ari: I want three weeks in the south of France with the children.
Ari: Oh my god, baby! Of course you can go.
Mrs. Ari: With you. And if you're not home by 2am, I'm going to be standing at the gate screaming, "Ari Gold, superagent, forgot his Viagra."

Melinda: You look fabulous. Being a housewife certainly agrees with you.
Mrs. Ari: And playing a raging bitch on TV certainly agrees with you. You're so natural.
Melinda: Well, if you hadn't quit acting at 25, it might have been your hit TV show.

Ari: What the fuck is gonna make me leave now?
Mrs. Ari: You could die.
Ari: You'd like that, wouldn't you?
Mrs. Ari: Not until I saw that the life insurance check didn't bounce.

Ari: We should just tell them to go to a hotel. I mean, they can afford it.
Mrs. Ari: What a difference six hours makes. When I said that, you said it's only one night. "Shit, you could do that in a Mexican jail and come out almost as clean as you went in," I believe was the quote.

Mrs. Ari: Jonah is going to be devastated when he finds out they're not going to school together.
Ari: Baby, don't worry. They will be going to school together. Your man is handling it.
Mrs. Ari: My man is going to be handling himself for the next decade if he doesn't stop playing it so cool and tell me what he's up to.
Ari: This is like The Godfather, baby. At certain times you just can't ask me about my business.

Ari: Happy anniversary.
Mrs. Ari: I don't... baby, my gift does not compare to that.
Ari: Don't worry. I got myself something to make up for it.

Ari: How would you like to be fuckin a studio head, baby?
Mrs. Ari: Well, Ron Meyer is pretty handsome.

Mrs. Ari: What am I so upset about?
Ari: Yeah.
Mrs. Ari: The slut that ruined your best friend's career and marriage is still working in your office. And if that wasn't enough, for some reason you were spinning her around like you just won Dancing With the Stars.

Ari: Baby, we were just having sex.
Mrs. Ari: You were having sex.
Ari: That's what marriage is for, so you can bang out your anger.

Mrs. Ari: Marci, get off the phone! You look like my douche of a husband!