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Murray Berenson

Eric: How are ya?
Murray: Just came from my cardiologist and all four valves are working. If he'd just marry my ex, or if anyone would, I'd be utopic. Is that a word? Utopic?
Eric: I don't know.
Murray: I'll check. If it's not, I'll trademark it.

Eric: Now this is good.
Murray: Hope so. Six Cubans drowned off the Florida Keys to get me these.

Eric: I'm guessing Ari told you about me. I'm actually kind of surprised he said nice things. He and I usually don't see eye to eye.
Murray: Ari Gold? The kid with the Jewfro who used to deliver my mail? No, he didn't tell me about you.

Murray: Good first day?
Eric: Real good.
Murray: Great. Maybe tomorrow you go get Christian Bale. We'll let him execute a cinematographer if he wants.