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Sasha Grey

Vince: Who the fuck are you?
Sasha: Just a cool chick who likes art and sex.

Sasha: I always wanted to fuck the Hulk when I was younger. Is that weird?
Vince: A little. What about Aquaman? You want to fuck him?
Sasha: I liked the sequel better.

Sasha: You have a couple minutes.
Vince: I'm exhausted. I'm not sure we'd accomplish much in a couple minutes.
Sasha: You relax. I'll accomplish.

Sasha: Thanks. I'm not used to getting apologies.
Vince: I'm not used to giving em.

Sasha: Get me a part with really cool superpowers.
Vince: Oh yeah? What kind of superpowers would you want?
Sasha: I want to be able to swallow anything.

Scotty: I watched a lot of porn, too, but I never thought to do one.
Vince: Hey, Scott...
Scotty: What?
Sasha: It's okay. Maybe you were afraid you couldn't perform.

Sasha: You knew what I did when I met you.
Vince: Well, it's making me sick.
Sasha: Guys like you that go and fuck all sorts of girls just for the fun of it usually make me sick, too. But I made an exception. I guess I fucked up.