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Scotty Lavin

Eric: Is this guy's deal really that bad?
Scotty: Yes. Andrew Dice Clay is almost paying the network to allow him to come to work.

Eric: Who's the last person you signed, Scott? The third ballerina from the left on The Black Swan?
Scotty: Yeah. She got signed and I got sucked.

Eric: You know, Scott, this is why I knew not to partner up with you. Because you are a self-centered jerkoff.
Scotty: And this is why, Eric - and I mean this in the nicest possible way - you are a little bitch.

Scotty: What's up boys?
Drama: What are you doing?
Scotty: You know, I just wanted to see you guys off. Tell Vince good luck. How many times is a guy gonna get married? Four times? Five times tops?