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Sloan McQuewick

Vince: Eric's the best. He's got good values, smart, loyal... I highly recommend him. Although, right now he's probably mad at me cause he thinks I'm out here working you.
Sloan: What? You didn't tell him I don't date actors?
Vince: How would I know that?
Sloan: I told you that at the Christmas party when you were working me.

Sloan: All I can tell you is that in the year I was out of town, Vince slept with almost all of my friends. And he never told any of them he was in love. So maybe he is.
Eric: Yeah, well I don't know what he's lying to me for.
Sloan: Guys lie to their friends and tell them they're not in love. They don't usually lie and tell them they are. That lie they save for the girls.

Sloan: If you go and shoot this movie for six months, I want to know what me and all these boxes are waiting for.
Eric: Can I be honest? I've been so caught up trying to put this movie together, I haven't really thought about it.
Sloan: Okay, I understand. Can I be honest? You really need to.

Eric: Don't think of it as a date. It'd be nice just to have you there.
Sloan: So we'll go as friends?
Eric: Yeah, we can go as buddies.
Sloan: All right. I just bought a new dress and had nowhere to wear it. I'll see you there, buddy.

Eric: I'm hostile because while you may just think I'm Vince's bitch, I've done pretty okay for myself. I don't need you out there begging people to offer me things.
Sloan: I didn't beg anybody. I told someone about you and I thought you guys might make a good match. And apparently he agrees because he's not some schmuck that's just going to go and hand out jobs because I tell him to. And I don't think of you as Vince's bitch, but clearly you do.

Eric: I don't know why you're so angry. You already rejected me. I feel bad enough.
Sloan: You should be used to that by now.
Eric: Look, I was wrong, all right? The guys told me you were over me and I didn't believe them.
Sloan: And you usually listen to every word "the guys" say.

Eric: I've got a great job, great fiancee... probably should have put you first, right?
Sloan: Yeah, you probably should have.