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Verner Vollstedt

Vince: I'm trying.
Verner: No! You're trying to decide what is good for Vincent Chase the actor, not what is good for my film.
Vince: I thought it was our film.
Verner: No, it's not our film! Filmmaking is collaboration, but it's not democracy. You're on this film maybe eight weeks, then you fly off to something. I work on this film for maybe two years! It's got to be my film; my decision. If you trust me, I will get from you the performance that enhances my film the most, and thus, enhances your performance the most.

Verner: You see what I'm talking about?
Vince: No, I... I don't really see it.
Verner: Look there, now. You see your head? It's leaning to the side. You look like a dog... a dog trying to understand what its master is saying.

Vince: Verner, I really don't see a head tilt.
Verner: Should I get a protractor? It's there.

Verner: Vincent, this is the most critical moment for your character. His life is hanging in balance both literally and figuratively. We must feel his vulnerability.
Vince: I completely get it.
Verner: Because this vulnerability is what lies at the core of McCabe. Like an onion, without a core, there's no layers.

Verner: Ahh! Who taught you to act?!
Vince: Stop interrupting me!
Verner: Well, make me stop then! Make me believe that what I'm seeing is real! Make me believe I'm not watching a fucking high school play!

Verner: Your client will not perform the services that I request.
Ari: My client has performed just fine in every movie he's ever done, including a blockbuster from an Oscar-winning American director.
Verner: Well, this is a film about human beings with layers. It's not about some swimming superhero.
Ari: Well, I don't care if it's a movie about a dancing cucumber. He will deliver. And I need for you to get back out there and help him do that.

Ari: I'm his manager, you jerkoff.
Verner: How many people does it take to handle one talentless actor?