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Vincent Chase

Sloan: Did E sleep with Melinda?
Vince: I don't know.
Sloan: Yeah you do.
Vince: No I don't. And it doesn't matter, cause even if he did, he did it over you. Guy's been with five women his whole life. Not because he can't get em. He's loyal. He's emotional and reactive - I mean, a little Jack Russell Terrier.

Clerk: Here's the ring from the window. It's 6.45K and costs 1.4 million.
Vince: Yeah, that's fine as long as it comes in a nice box.

Vince: We basically lived together our whole lives.
Billy: Hey, maybe you all will live together with the kid. It'll be like Three Men and a Little Lady.
Vince: Yeah. And if E has a boy, it'll be like Three Men and Two Little Men.

Lindsay: What we had wasn't the deepest, most intellectual relationship, but I'm sure you've had your share. I mean, I'm one of what? A thousand?
Vince: No.
Lindsay: More?
Vince: You know, I'm not good at math.

Vince: I was raised by my mother, my grandmother, and my aunt. They gave me the strength. And it's because of them, I think, that I have an appreciation and respect for women most men don't have.
Sophia: Even porn stars?
Vince: I never judged Sasha for what she did. I always saw her for the beautiful, intelligent woman she is.

Vince: Oxford is a pretty good school.
Turtle: Where do you think we would've gone if we went to college?
Vince: Probably not Oxford.

Vince: Give me a second. I'm trying to figure out how we can have a conversation without getting into a fight.
Eric: What conversation? Why would we have a fight?
Vince: Because you like to tell me what I've done wrong. You don't like to fix things.

Billy: Vince, you've taken the blank page, you've put something down, and you now know what it is to have put yourself out there. And if I were to tell you that it sucks, it would hurt.
Vince: Does it suck?
Billy: Some of it sucks.
Vince: That does hurt.

Vince: I wanna get back to where I was. I want all of this behind me. But if you - my agents, my representatives, or whatever the fuck you are - keep treating me fucking weird, I can't do that.

Rehab Girl: That was hot. I totally bought you were sober and going for it.
Vince: I am.
Rehab Girl: Fuck, you're sexy.
Vince: Sober is sexy.

Vince: Got myself a present.
Eric: For what?
Vince: For being me and for not having to answer to you.

Porn Vince: Vince! Big fan.
Vince: Oh yeah? Too bad I can't say the same. Haven't seen your work.

Scotty: What does E say?
Vince: I don't think Eric Murphy's rules of dating apply to a porn star.

Vince: Johnny, you've got to stop drinking. You've been going for sixteen straight hours.
Drama: So have you.
Vince: Yeah, but I'm happy drinking.

Eric: You bought a motorcycle?
Vince: Don't worry, E. I made sure to get one with airbags.

Paparazzo: Strip club in the middle of the day, Vince?
Vince: Research for a role.

Ari: I saw my life flash before my eyes.
Vince: I didn't. I just saw Ma. And she was really pissed.

Vince: Wow. You all think I'm such a pussy. All right. I'm gonna call the studio and tell them I'm doing it.
Eric: Vince, you're gonna do the stunt for what? So these guys don't think you're a pussy?
Vince: No. I'm going to do it so I stop feeling like one.