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Vincent Chase

Vince: What do you think, girls? Should I do a movie called Danger Beach?
Eric: It's a working title.
Vince: Yeah, well, it's not working for me.

Eric: This is the perfect way for you to come back strong, Vince, on a movie you don't have to carry because the genre already has a built-in audience.
Vince: Oh yeah? Is there any kind of role in this movie? One that requires me to act?
Eric: The same kind of role Shia LaBeouf had in Disturbia. You look scared a few times, smile so girls want to fuck you, and then laugh your way all the way to the next Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Vince: Sounds challenging.

Justine: Vince, if I fuck you, then I'll want to be your girlfriend. And I don't want to be in a relationship right now.
Vince: So last time I saw you you were too innocent and now you're too slutty?

Turtle: Is this your first time, too, Ari? I thought everybody ate shrooms in the '60s.
Ari: I was born in '67, fat boy. And I never wanted to do a drug that made me lose control.
Vince: You don't lose control, Ari. Just all of your stresses.

Turtle: I thought you killed it today.
Vince: Killed it? I was basically moving scenery.
Eric: You've got two big scenes coming up that he's not in so you can make up for it.
Vince: He'll probably jump out of a tree and steal those lines, too.

Vince: Who told you?
Kara: Us Weekly.
Vince: You read Us Weekly? Future MBA? God, that is so sad.

Instructor: I need you to make a left here.
Vince: All right.
Instructor: Very nice.
Vince: Thanks. I've been working on that one.

Turtle: Vin, I can't take this. It's a $200,000 car.
Vince: 240, actually, but I'm playing Enzo Ferrari, so I got 10% off.
Turtle: Seriously, I don't feel right about this.
Vince: I didn't feel right about the last car I gave you getting repossessed.

Tom: I feel bad taking this money from you, Vince. Especially since you played pretty good.
Vince: Don't sweat it, Tom. I just got paid four million to do the voiceover of a dog.

Turtle: I'm in the middle of a serious love triangle, Vin. It's never happened to me before.
Vince: It's nice, isn't it?

Vince: Wow. You all think I'm such a pussy. All right. I'm gonna call the studio and tell them I'm doing it.
Eric: Vince, you're gonna do the stunt for what? So these guys don't think you're a pussy?
Vince: No. I'm going to do it so I stop feeling like one.

Ari: I saw my life flash before my eyes.
Vince: I didn't. I just saw Ma. And she was really pissed.

Paparazzo: Strip club in the middle of the day, Vince?
Vince: Research for a role.

Eric: You bought a motorcycle?
Vince: Don't worry, E. I made sure to get one with airbags.

Vince: Johnny, you've got to stop drinking. You've been going for sixteen straight hours.
Drama: So have you.
Vince: Yeah, but I'm happy drinking.

Scotty: What does E say?
Vince: I don't think Eric Murphy's rules of dating apply to a porn star.

Porn Vince: Vince! Big fan.
Vince: Oh yeah? Too bad I can't say the same. Haven't seen your work.

Vince: Got myself a present.
Eric: For what?
Vince: For being me and for not having to answer to you.