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S01E06, Busey and the Beach

Ari: Gary! Gary Busey! How are you, man? Good to see you, baby. It's Ari.
Gary: Ari? You worked craft service on Lethal Weapon 1, didn't you?
Ari: I certainly did not. I used to represent you. You remember?
Gary: I know you. You are a gut maggot with no guts.

Ari: Ask the people that didn't get back in on The Passion. Jesus ain't gonna save em.

Ari: Fucking beach houses, man. Pieces of shit. If they were in town they'd be condemned.
Vince: Nice view, though.
Ari: Ehh. I hate the beach. I hate the ocean. I hate the sand but I love sharks. I just signed the girl that got her arm ripped off. Gonna be the one-armed Marlee Matlin.

Ari: When I'm done with you, you're going to be repping sideshow freaks. You need "Jojo the Dog-Faced Bitch Boy?" Call Josh Weinfuck, the lightweight pen-stealing fuckface.

Ari: You know Joshy, here? I don't know if you guys know but he used to be my assistant.
Josh: That was a long time ago, Ari.
Ari: What, fourteen months, that ain't that long. He used to make the best hazelnut latte. He was like a chemist in there working. Just like Mommy made.

Gary: In the name of art and everything art stands for, remember this: art is only the search. It's not the final form.

Gary: I can snap your sternum with one blow with my forehead to your chest. I can raise my head up and loosen your teeth, knock you down, grab you by the lip, pull you up and tell you "I'll be right back."

Ari: Saturday grab the boys. I got the floor seats.
Eric: Really?
Ari: Yeah. Twenty-four hundred bucks a pop. You're gonna be sitting on Jack's lap.

Ari: Hold all my calls and get mini-Vince on the phone.

Ari: That's why no more guys. You fire a guy and you create a rival, you fire a woman and you create a housewife.

Josh: So, guys, I'm having a little bash at my place in Malibu this Saturday. It's gonna be off the hook. You guys should come.
Turtle: Yeah, any girls gonna be there?
Josh: The only girls in this town who won't be there are the ugly ones.

Gary: This piece evokes all of the emotions from what I call a discombobulated man.

Eric: I've asked you ten times now. Why isn't the deal for Queens Boulevard done yet?
Ari: Because there is no offer. Why is there no offer? Because there's no money. No money means it's not a real movie which means it's just a bunch of fuckin words on a page.

Adam: Well, I'll fight for ya, but I can't lie. It's not gonna be easy to get you back in the game.
Drama: Back in the game? I am the fucking game, pal.

Adam: So, uh... what have you been doin lately, John? You workin at all?
Drama: I've been workin steady for the last twelve years minus the last three.