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S02E06, Chinatown

Vince: You may wanna work on calling Emily back. She left three messages.
Eric: Yeah? What am I gonna say? I'm an idiot? I shouldn't have promised you the print of a movie I can't get?
Vince: I like the idiot part.

Eric: Ari, I'm getting killed over here. Vince isn't happy.
Ari: Of course he's not happy. Nobody's happy in this town except for the losers. Look at me. I'm miserable. That's why I'm rich.

Eric: Wick won't call me back. It's like they don't believe I'm your manager.
Turtle: We don't believe it, why should they?

Ari: Eric. I got the cash you wanted.
Eric: Oh yeah? What'd you dust off your tranny gear and hit Santa Monica Boulevard?

Ari: Chaing Chung is the hottest director in Hong Kong. Tarantino has already decided he's the next guy he wants to steal from.
Vince: Cool. Guy must be good. Tarantino only steals from the best.

Vince: I can't believe you want me to do a commercial. Ari, I started in this business peddling Mentos. I don't wanna go back.
Ari: Vinnie. All the big shots - all of them - do foreign commercials. You think L. Ron pays for Travolta's planes? Please. Big John has been pumping the Japs full of Sanka for years.

Turtle: 500 grand a day? We should do a hundred of these a year. That's $50 million. Take the other 265 days off.
Drama: That's better than a teacher's schedule.
Vince: What do you think, E? No more movies. No more critics.
Eric: Yeah, why be a movie star when you can be an international spokesperson?

Drama: Yeah, I remember my first national commercial.
Eric: Oh, what was that? Valtrex?
Drama: Yeah it was. So fucking what? It got me my Fiat. Plus I got a blowjob from the makeup girl who put my sores on.

Turtle: My point is we should have a hot cleaning lady who fucks.
Eric: Well, then she'd be a hooker.
Turtle: Yeah. A hooker who cleans.

Vince: As long as the interpreter wasn't making up her own stuff, this guy's got an interesting vision.

Turtle: You're really gonna wear that color like you earned it, huh?
Drama: What are you talking about? I earned this belt. In fact I went as high as a green. I just like to wear the yellow cause it makes my eyes pop.

Eric: Sorry about the son comment.
Scott: Oh, don't worry about that. You know, he still might be my son yet. I can adopt him, I just can't marry him. Great country, right?

Ari: Well, she told Cameron last night at dinner her favorite actor in this town is you.
Vince: Sharon Stone said that? She's still good looking.
Ari: Yeah, in the right light.