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S02E09, I Love You Too

Turtle: You were driving when Vince was 7? How fucking old are you, Drama?
Drama: 31. Get off my ass.
Eric: 31, Drama? Yeah, in dog years maybe.

Drama: So how are those seats?
Ari: They're nosebleed. Just like you like em, right?
Drama: "Floor level or bust." That's my motto.
Eric: I thought it was, "will act for food."

Turtle: Jesus Christ. Ari Gold, you just got demoted to silver.

Drama: Hey, Shauna. You spinning a little story how the Chase brothers are conquering Comic-Con?
Shauna: No. I'm gonna spin a story that you really aren't Vince's brother.

Drama: Vanessa Angel. She did three eps of Viking Quest and then they just gave her the shitbag spinoff. She's been riding the Viking Quest wave for a decade.
Turtle: So have you.
Eric: Didn't Angel Quest run five times longer than Viking Quest?
Drama: Yeah, but only because she showed her tits in Playboy.

Shauna: You got the R.J. Spencer interview at 2pm. He thinks he's Mike Wallace so he may throw you a hardball or two.
Drama: Yeah, Vince, just take a deep breath and answer. I might get some tough questions this weekend also.
Shauna: Like whether you're still in the business?

Drama: What are you doing in town?
Jessie: Promoting my new comic book, Pussy Patrol. It's me and the girls. We lick ass by day and kick ass by night. You should come by the booth.
Turtle: Yeah, as long as we get there before nightfall.

Drama: Every year I like to take a day and soak in some sun. It always freaks people out at my booth when Tarvold is tan.
Turtle: It freaks me out that people actually go to your booth.

Vince: Johnny, you're burnt to a crisp.
Drama: Nah, in another hour that'll turn into a nice maple-syrupy brown.
Shauna: Another hour and you're fuckin nose is gonna fall off.