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S02E14, The Abyss

Drama: Christ! Look at the man-gina on this guy.

Ari: I'm gonna tell you something... Vince is the only client I've ever had that I considered a friend, all right? The only one I really cared about. I mean, Jessica Biel too, but I cared about her for very... different reasons.

Eric: Personally, Vince, I think it's your ego. Your big fuckin movie star ego. You could've had Mandy thrown off this movie but you had to prove that you could get her back. You can't stand the fact that she left you because no one ever has. But you know what? I will leave you before you fuck me up.

Lloyd: E was just in there. Terrance offered him a job.
Ari: As what? His fuckin pool boy?

Lloyd: How'd it go?
Ari: How'd the fuckin Bay of Pigs go, Lloyd?

Ari: Say goodbye to that Maserati, E. I see a shiny new Vespa in your future.

Ari: What, you want to quit too?
Eric: Actually I think I might, yeah.
Ari: E... the garbage man who wins the lottery does not throw out the ticket.

Shauna: Eric, unless I spread a false rumor that Mandy has genital warts, there is no way for me to spin this in Vince's favor.
Eric: I can't hear you when you're yelling at me, Shauna. Just go work your magic.
Shauna: I'm a publicist, Eric, not David Blaine.

Eric: I guess Ari's really done at the agency. Says here security escorted him out.
Drama: Oh, man, I hope this doesn't affect my status over there.
Turtle: I'm sure you're still their least important client, Drama. Don't worry.