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S03E04, Guys and Doll

Eric: Looks like I woke you up this time, huh, Ari?
Ari: No but you did wake my wife and kids, dickhead. Vinnie better be sitting in prison with a DUI or something. Is he?
Eric: No.
Ari: Then what the fuck do you want, cunt muscle?

Ari: Come on, Vinnie. You're making bank. You can't get your boy a whole shirt?

Drama: Hey, Dom, you're out here with us. Right, Ari?
Ari: You know what? Today and today only, I'm gonna open up my doors like Ellis fucking Island. Come on in bedraggled, wretched crew and watch me work my magic.

Drama: How good is this shirt going to look on me?
Dom: Not as good as it already looks on me. Too slow to the draw, hombre.

Drama: Vince, being charming is all about body language, bro.
Eric: Vince knows how to charm, Drama.
Drama: Yeah, women, but... man charm is a totally different animal. You gotta get in close enough to entice but not so close as to encroach.

Dom: Which one's Rubensteinberg, Ari?
Ari: It's Rubenstein. And please, don't try to pronounce it again.

Drama: I get toffee, mocha... and a hint of terra firma.
Eric: Terra firma's dirt, Drama.
Drama: Yeah, well, wine comes from dirt, E.

Turtle: So, what'd they get?
Eric: The original Shrek doll.
Drama: Well you can rule out Turtle. He'd only take a doll he can fuck.

Ari: I'm gonna press play.
Dom: Press it. And if I'm on there I'll suck your cock on Rodeo drive. But if I'm not, I'm gonna crack open your fuckin head.
Ari: Either way I lose.