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S03E07, Strange Days

Terrance: Ari, you look a little haggard. Everything all right?
Ari: It's called aging, Terrance. Not everyone can stay young by sucking the blood of their employees.

Eric: She was cold, right?
Drama: Cold? She ran from you like a chicken with a bad cough.
Turtle: What does that mean?
Drama: It's an avian flu reference.

Vince: E, I don't know what you're obsessing about.
Eric: Well she thinks I'm a freak.
Turtle: You hit her with the unsolicited snuggle. You are a freak.

Eric: Take me home. I'm going to drive over to her hotel and apologize.
Vince: What? Apologize? For snuggling her?
Eric: For invading her space. I don't know.
Drama: You're a sensitive guy, E. It's kinda queer.

Ari: Lunch is on me provided that, Joyce, you still have your stomach stapled.

Adam: What the fuck was that?
Ari: My wife lost a contact, Davies. Why don't you pop out and help us? Maybe I'll give you a little curbing when you're on your knees.
Adam: You'd love to see me with something hard in my mouth, huh, Ari?

Drama: You're like a chick! I mean the guy cannot have unemotional sex.
Eric: I didn't have sex.
Drama: Whatever. You can't whack off without weeping.

Eric: Look, I went down there for no other reason than to say that I'm sorry and apologize for cuddling or spooning or whatever, Drama. It was unintentional. It was an accident.
Drama: Freud says there are no accidents.
Eric: Hmm. You guys crossed swords during your threesome. Accident?

Turtle: Here she comes. She looks angry.
Drama: Good. I like em mean. Makes taming them a greater challenge.

Auctioneer: The winner of the Dodgers box seats... Peter Vapnek.
Ari: Figures. The only thing I actually wanted. You don't deserve it!
Adam: It's okay, Ari. I have something better you can bid on.
Ari: You selling your ass again, Davies?

Ari: Even if I were taking office space, which I am not, you fucked me last year. Do you really think we can work together?
Adam: Come on, Ari. We're all animals. We just go wherever there's the most food.