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S03E13, Less Than 30

Drama: All right. You got the whole thing?
Turtle: I got the whole thing 1,400 different ways already, Drama.
Drama: Just keep snapping. It's digital. There is no waste.
Turtle: Yeah, only my time.

Vince: Look, Amanda, you have to understand that you send some very large scripts.
Eric: It's true. The scripts Ari used to send us are in the 90 to 104-page range. Yours are closer to 140.
Vince: It leaves me no time for skin care.

Amanda: Did you guys like Age of Innocence?
Vince: I don't remember the story but I do remember after seeing it I knew how to hold my fork.

Vince: Better make it a coffee.
Drama: Good thinking. Coffee says, "I sip but I ain't sucking."
Eric: What the fuck is wrong with you?
Drama: Cursed with wisdom is all.

Eric: Give me back my Visa.
Turtle: No problem.
Vince: Wow, Turtle. I've never seen you cough up plastic so easily.
Turtle: That's because I've still got the kid's Mastercard.

Drama: Holy shit, look at that. Another billboard. I'm everywhere.
Turtle: Spreading like the plague that you are, Drama.

Turtle: E, this party is gonna suck if we don't do it up. We have an 800-person guest list.
Eric: It's supposed to be 200 people.
Turtle: It's not my fault Vince is popular.
Drama: It's a disease in the Chase lineage.

Turtle: Maybe I could lose the floral arrangements for four grand.
Drama: No, no. Nothing gets a girl wet like a Calla Lily centerpiece.

Turtle: There's just no way to do this. Maybe we should call it off.
Drama: We're not calling it off, Turtle. We're not getting any younger. How many of these things you think we got left?
Turtle: "We" have got a lot left. Don't drag us into your twilight years, Drama.

Amanda: You want me to walk you to your car? This town's not safe for a bitch.

Vince: You want me to put you in my wish, Johnny?
Drama: If you don't mind.
Eric: What do you want him to wish for, Drama, that someone recognizes you?