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S03E19, The Prince's Bride

Turtle: Ohh, someone's getting a little cocky.
Drama: No cockiness here, Turtle. Just the confidence that gainful employment can give a man.
Eric: It's amazing Turtle's been able to stay confident this long without a job.

Eric: Ari's got a money guy that says he's dying to fund Medellin.
Vince: Do you believe him?
Eric: Do I ever?

Drama: Take it from me, Tommy. You pay your dues, keep the faith... maybe your day'll come also.
Tommy: You think?
Drama: Who knows. Truth is, this business is a fucking crapshoot.

Kelly: I thought you guys were going to the aquarium.
Rufus: We got kicked out, baby. Your brothers threw a snow cone at a sea otter.

Yair: What do you guys think of Sylvester Stallone as Pablo Escobar's father?
Ari: I think if he survives Rocky VI without brain damage, it's something to consider.

Drama: Let me tell you something my father told me: "the best thing to do with mistakes is to not make them."

Kelly: Please stop worrying about my dad. His bark is worse than his bite, trust me. Besides, he'd only really be mad if he thought you were trying to get into his little girl's pants. And that's not what you're trying to do, right?
Turtle: Of course not. You're wearing a skirt.

Vince: She doesn't have my number. I gave her the one-digit-off move.
Eric: That's a girl move.
Vince: It's the whoever's-being-treated-like-meat move.

Drama: All right, seriously. What if I fly myself out, put myself up, and you give me a little something? If I don't deliver, you cut it. Or cut it anyway. As long as I'm on the call sheet and listed on IMDB, we're all good.

Drama: Ici venez, frere! That's French for, "come here, bro!"

Yair: My chef is the best in the world. You know, I stole him from Le Cirque.
Ari: You tell anyone, Yair, or is there still an amber alert out on the guy?