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S04E01, Welcome to the Jungle

Billy: What attracted me to this project? Well, that's easy... it was the blood.

Billy: I'm telling you all right now that if another cell phone rings while professional artists are trying to work, the person responsible for that distraction will be dragged into town and sold as a drug mule.

Eric: We're supposed to shoot in three days and the guy suddenly tells us out of nowhere that he hates the ending. So what do you do?
Ari: Shoot yourself in the head with a large-caliber bullet.

Billy: "Movie?" You know, I hate the word "movie." I don't make movies, I make films.

Billy: Why's that door red?
Set Decorator: I thought it popped.
Billy: Popped? How am I going to see blood splatter on a red door, fuckwad? Change it.

Ari: When a director falls for an actor on set, all bets are off. When he doesn't get her, bet you have a problem. When someone else gets her, bet the house.

Drama: I nailed one of my directors on Melrose Place. That was the year they threw me off, actually.
Narrator: You think that might have been the reason?
Drama: I don't know, I never really thought about that...

Eric: Get your ass up and walk with me right now, or as God as my witness, I will send you packing today and I will finish this movie without you.
Billy: Who's gonna direct, Turtle?
Drama: I directed a couple shorts...