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S04E03, Malibooty

Drama: God has already rewarded me for my good deeds.
Turtle: What'd he do, un-recede your hairline?

Turtle: I'd give my nuts to be that guy for one day.
Drama: Well, if you had no nuts, what would be the use? Or would you then be hoping that you'd have Vince's nuts?

Billy: What do you think of the trailer?
Eric: The little I saw of it looks amazing.
Billy: It looks even better on replay. Take this home and finger yourself to it, Suit.

Billy: I know we haven't always seen eye to eye, but your support for my vision of this film, for allowing me to make it the right way, has taught me that artists and capitalist pigs might be able to work together after all.
Eric: I'm making very little money for a capitalist pig, Billy.
Billy: I didn't say you were good at it.

Eric: I thought we agreed to wait for Sundance.
Billy: Fuck the dance. Been there, done that. I'm going to Cannes and coming home with a Palme d'Or and a Cote d'Azur tan.

Drama: Yo, how's my breath smell?
Turtle: Like Arnold's ass.
Drama: Don't make me insecure right now, Turtle.
Turtle: God made you that way. Don't blame me.

Drama: You got gum?
Turtle: Gum ain't gonna help what you got. You need a stomach specialist.

Drama: Rumor had it your girl gave the best rim job in LA. Trust me, play your cards right and by 4:00 you'll be sitting on her face like a bidet.

Eric: Ari, there's genius in this movie but Walsh won't change a fucking thing. I've got to get rid of him.
Ari: Rid of him? That's your boy. You gave him final cut even though I begged you not to. Now you're going to have to live with it. Or kill him... actually, that's a good idea. Why don't you kill him then kill yourself? Could you imagine the outpouring of love and sympathy when Vince loses both of you? I could have him back on top in three months. You owe him that much, E.

Ari: Let me explain something to you. I have two philosophies: A, my client is always right, and B, his manager is always an overpaid, useless pain in the ass.
Eric: Yeah. My two philosophies are 1, you're a dick, and 2, when you realize I'm right, you're going to know you're a dick.

Vince: I kinda went in on a bet with Dennis Hopper on Manchester United and we're down.
Marvin: Are you out of your mind, Vince? What do you know about soccer? Get the fuck out of there.
Vince: I already placed the bet, Marvin. I can't just walk out.
Marvin: Bullshit! You put one foot in front of the other and move em.

Drama: You can't bail on me. I need you here. The only way I'm going to get Donna alone is if you keep Marjorie busy.
Turtle: Get her a deck of cards and some friends to play Mahjong with cause I'm gone.
Drama: Come on, Turtle. 16 years I've been dying to bang this broad. Take one for the team like I did for you that time you set me up with the girl with the clubfoot.
Turtle: Hey, at least that girl was a nine from the ankles up.

Harvey: I've been following Medellin for a long time and I've heard some not-such-great things from inside sources.
Eric: Well, I don't know what inside sources you have, Harvey, but -
Harvey: You'll never know. That's why they call them inside sources.

Drama: We have almost the same blood. How did my life go so wrong?
Turtle: Yeah, genetic mutations can be so cruel.