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S04E04, Sorry, Harvey

Ari: He will now kill me when I tell him what you did.
Eric: Well, I set a dinner. I'm telling him tonight, so relax.
Ari: You're gonna tell him in person? What I wouldn't pay to see that.
Eric: Save your money for Botox, Ari. All of that negativity is starting to take its toll.

Drama: How'd you like to see this place rocking a 90210 ZIP code?
Turtle: You're 40 feet from the border now. What's gonna change?
Drama: That's like asking what changes between North and South Korean borders.

Ari: I'm simply asking you not to dilly-dally. That's all.
Mrs. Ari: And I am not going to rush through dinner. This is my best friend's engagement.
Ari: Come on, she's been married twice before. I'm sure we'll get another run at this.

Harvey: Would you look at this? See that little cunt? That prick stole my VP of production. He's lucky I don't go over there and crack this fucking bottle over his head. I'm not going to do that, though. My doctor says I can't do that anymore because my blood pressure's off the charts.

Ari: The valet probably stole it.
Mrs. Ari: Don't be racist.
Ari: Valets steal shit, all right? Just because they're mostly Hispanic doesn't make me a racist.

Vince: How am I going to get this guy laid, Johnny? Seriously.
Drama: Tell girls if they fuck him, you'll fuck em after.
Turtle: Pfft. That sounds like a good deal for Vince.
Drama: He'd by lying.

Drama: Am I the Chuck Woolery of Winston's or what?
Turtle: Yeah, only minus the good looks, the tan, and the Botany 500 suit.
Drama: I got one of those suits, bro.

Drama: That's no tranny, Ray, that's Anika.
Bouncer: Anika's got a bigger stuff than you do, Drama.
Turtle: Jesus, if Drama had known that, he would've kept her for himself.

Mayor: I tell you, she is one doll.
Drama: Yeah, well, according to some, that Barbie might be a Ken.
Mayor: Huh?
Drama: She might have balls, your honor. She's a he; transformer, hermaphrodite, something that just ain't right.

Lloyd: Are you wearing the same suit as yesterday?
Ari: I spent the night in jail.
Lloyd: Oh my god. Ari, why didn't you call me?
Ari: Cause you get one call and I wanted to use it on someone I like to have sex with.

Drama: I got your favorite: caramel macchiato.
Eric: I hate caramel, but very thoughtful nonetheless.
Drama: Indeed it was. But even more thoughtful were the coffees I brought over to the Beverly Hills firehouse when I went over to introduce myself.
Eric: You expecting a fire or you just hoping to slide up and down on their pole?