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S04E05, The Dream Team

Billy: Vince, he hated the movie, he was wrong, and now he's trying to sabotage it no matter what it does to you.
Eric: Fuck you.
Billy: No, fuck you. You suck at your job, you got a Napoleonic complex, and I'm gonna fuck your mother if I ever meet her.

Eric: Get your finger out of my face.
Billy: Or what?
Eric: It's going to end up up your ass.

Lloyd: Somebody's got a sexy tear in their shirt.
Eric: Oh, man, I just bought this.
Lloyd: No need to get upset. If you take it off, I'll sew it, good as new in a mere moment.
Ari: Save your homoerotic slave labor for me, Lloyd. E, don't take your shirt off. I don't want anyone going blind from the reflection off your translucent boy chest.

Eric: So this is good news?
Ari: No, this is not good news. Good news is when the wife agrees to eat box for your birthday. This is great news.

Drama: Doc, in my line of work, you gotta do everything you can to look younger. And since I dare not stick a Botox needle in my face for fear of losing my comic expressiveness, this hat is all I got.

Ari: How is the most fuckable president of production in town?
Dana: Ari, get the fuck out.
Ari: I brought Cristal and Sprinkles cupcakes, your favorite. Or is it mine? What's the difference? We used to eat everything off each other anyway.

Ari: Have you seen Vince's trailer?
Dana: I have. It's good.
Ari: Oh, please. It's fucking great! Gonna be downloaded more times than Britney's beaver shot.

Ari: Lay off the icing, Dana. It looks like your hips could use a breather.

Ari: Lloyd, I need information on Heath Ledger.
Lloyd: 44" chest, Aries, and he loves rainy days and black and white movies.
Ari: As in who represents him, Lloyd?

Lloyd: What are you up to, Ari?
Ari: Sabotage, Lloyd. Agency 101.
Lloyd: Oh, goody. We haven't had a stealth adventure in a while.

Josh: Gay? What are you talking about? This is supposed to be a badass mountain-climbing movie.
Ari: Did you read the book, Josh? I mean, there's a reason why he chose the handsome Sherpa who was educated at Oxford to show him up the mountain.
Josh: I was thinking about The Rock for the Sherpa.
Ari: There's an image. Josh, I don't mean to tell you your business, but what do you think they were doing in that cave for two weeks? They were using each other's asses as hand warmers.

Angela: Hey, Johnny, how was your hiatus?
Drama: Any better and I'd be guilty.

Vince: You know, Eric has the toughest job out of the three of us and he'll probably get the least amount of credit.
Billy: Yeah, but he's the smallest so he doesn't need as much credit as big people.
Eric: Then again, my ego isn't half as big as Billy's. Shit, Simon Cowell's ego isn't as big.