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S04E06, The WeHo Ho

Ari: I parted the Red Sea for you, E. Don't piss on the sand.

Drama: You are going to be delighted when you taste these hand-picked strawberry waffles.
Eric: Nice. Where do you pick waffles from?

Turtle: You know the guy always knew how to make a buck. You don't remember? He was the first guy on our block to have a foreign car. The first guy to have an in-ground pool. The first guy to have aluminum siding.
Eric: And the first guy to have it all seized by the government.

Ari: Would you look at that? Love is in the air, huh? Is this beautiful or what, Lloyd? Come and join us in a group hug. Could be a while before you get some.

Lloyd: He was a rose. A bright, red rose in the massive oil spill of life. And without him, everything is just... gooky.

Ari: Lloyd, you're a rising star in this company. No time for maternity leave.

Glenn: I can get the job done. Just tell me what you like.
Ari: No, I don't tell you what I like. My old assistant is supposed to tell you what I like. And then he is supposed to seamlessly train you so that the only change in my life comes when I have to write out a Christmas bonus check.

Drama: We were never guys who were about money, Turtle. We were always guys who were about integrity.
Turtle: Hmm. Is that what got you to do that commercial where you and your wife had a bad case of the runs at the opera?
Drama: That was a national spot. And I got a chance to show a lot of range.

Billy: You mind if I use your private shitter? I just gotta piss but the one in the hallway stank like a refugee boat.

Lloyd: I can't believe you did this for me.
Ari: I like you, Lloyd. What can I say?
Lloyd: Say you'll let me take you and the wife to dinner with Tom. A couples dinner.
Ari: I don't like you that much.

Eric: Just tell us what our options are, Ari.
Ari: Well, let's see. We can all drink poison Gatorade and hope that the next life is better than this one. Come on, E. You drink first.