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S04E10, Snow Job

Eric: She has a boyfriend, Turtle.
Drama: So? It's not a husband. And if you think she'd want to bang you if she didn't have a boyfriend, you'd lie in wait. Eventually that would end, you'd be in like Flynn.
Turtle: Totally.
Eric: Is that why you guys never get laid? Always waiting for relationships to end?

Dana: I'm on page twelve and I do not understand what I'm reading.
Ari: Well, you didn't understand Titanic after twelve pages, either, Dana.

Ari: Vince stuck his neck out for you and now you are fucking him. And the studio. They are going to fuck you right back.
Billy: They can't touch me.
Ari: They can sue you and make sure that you never make a movie in this town again.
Billy: Well good thing I paint.

Dana: I can't believe this.
Ari: Wake up, Dana. It's real. The first big project you brought in to your new studio is in shambles.
Dana: Thanks to your writer/director, asshole. You know, if you think my last boss was vindictive, you haven't seen shit. You better find me someone approvable and you better make sure that Vince is on board. Because if I have to go in and tell Richard Wimmer that we lost a script, a director, and a star today, all of whom are your fucking clients, you can bet your ass that nobody who has ever been close enough to smell your breath will ever be welcome at this studio again.

Turtle: Clouds was lacking in tits, Ari. This one's got at least four.

Ari: How about a toast? To a groundbreaking day and a possibly groundbreaking movie.
Billy: Are you kissing my ass now, Snake Suit?
Vince: Oh, come on, Billy. He came through. You can't stay mad at him.
Billy: Well, I'm no longer planning on using your car as a toilet, but I'll get back to you about being my agent.