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S04E11, No Cannes Do

Drama: So what's all this chitchat about between you and your clush, anyway?
Eric: My what?
Drama: Your clush. Your client crush.

Vince: You're bringing your wife? It's supposed to be a boys' trip.
Ari: Vinnie, when you get married, you realize that a wife is like a herpes sore; she comes and goes when and where she pleases.
Drama: Well get some Valtrex, cause the rest of us are going to be yachting and boozing it up with bronze-looking broads.

Ari: Did you really like it?
Eric: No, I hated it. But the guy already committed to doing it and I'm just trying to be positive.
Ari: Wow! After five years, you finally learned how to lie. Welcome to Hollywood.

Turtle: Can we stop talking about this, please?
Vince: It's really just that you're afraid of flying, Turtle. I don't think the terrorist alert has anything to do with it.
Turtle: I'm not afraid of flying, Vince. I'm afraid of crashing.
Eric: I think he's afraid of flying commercial is his real problem.

Drama: You know, I used to fear traveling with you, baby bro. I thought, if we crashed, the press would say, "Vincent Chase and brother perish." Now with a hit TV show, I'm quite certain they would say, "Chase brothers perish."

Drama: We're going to sweep this entire airport for suspicious and unsavory characters.
Turtle: Get out of here.
Drama: Look, Turtle, you're getting on that plane in three hours either way. So would you rather seek out terrorist scum here on the ground now or at 35,000 feet later?

Airline Worker: Sir, this has been an extraordinary day. We're at code red.
Ari: Please, come on. We're at code red every time the president has a loose stool.

Ari: She's fine with not going, right? She said she's fine.
Lloyd: Fine is not fine, Ari. Not when it comes from a woman's mouth.

Lloyd: I'm no longer mad.
Ari: Well you shouldn't be, Lloyd, cause I'd love to have you in Cannes. So go home, pack your favorite sarong, and consider yourself invited.

Billy: Somebody grab my fucking luggage!
Drama: You got a lot of bags, Billy? I like a lot of wardrobe changes too when traveling abroad.
Billy: I got one bag, Drama, you fruit cup, but I took three Ambien and I can't lift my arms.

Lloyd: Ari, since you didn't want to sail the open seas with me, I'm taking Tom on a Rosie cruise to Puerto Vallarta for a week. We are on our way and I'm not even asking permission.
Ari: All right. Listen, have a great time and wear a life vest, cause the only bobbing you should be doing is on Tom's cock.