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S04E12, The Cannes Kids

Ari: The guy's about as positive as Mother Teresa's AIDS test.

Harvey: Who's it from, Universal?
Ari: Can't really talk about that right now, but if you want to get in the mix, we're ready to listen.
Harvey: Not if they froze my balls in dry ice. Not if they stuck my dick in a lawnmower.

Dana: You're full of shit.
Ari: I was full of shit when I told you I had a condom at Live Aid. This, on my childrens' names, is real.

Lloyd: I am on vacation, Ari!
Ari: You're gonna be on permanent vacation if we don't sell this movie. Now I want you to break out your pink Rolodex, call every queer assistant in town, and tell them to open their mouths like JT is gonna drop a load in it. The disinformation campaign starts now! Time is of the essence. I want you to hype this bitch!

Nicky: I'm having some financial difficulties.
Ari: Like what, the cup holder in your Bugatti is broken?

Vince: E... in or out? It's up to you.
Eric: I'm in.
Ari: Big balls for a little man. I love it.

Billy: I wanna get my balls licked later.
Vince: Can't help you there, Billy.

Drama: In France, I'm a viking god.
Turtle: A viking god?
Drama: What, do you doubt that? Check French Amazon's top sellers. Viking Quest has been on there as long as Dark Side of the Moon.

Drama: They love Viking Quest in France.
Billy: What the hell is Viking Quest?

Ari: It doesn't matter what any of you wish cause you are with the master of the universe. And he will deliver a sale of Medellin not to be believed.
Vince: I sure hope so.
Billy: No need to hope, Vince. This film will sell itself. Ari'll be nothing more than a marionette that shakes his head yes or no... or says "double your offer."

Eric: I watched The Secret, Drama. I just don't buy that you can get a Ferrari by just wishing for one.
Turtle: Why? I wished for an Aston Martin and got me one.
Eric: Vince got you one, Turtle.
Turtle: Yeah, but I wished that Vince would be a big enough star so he could afford to get me one.