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S05E04, Fire Sale

Shauna: You're not wearing a tank top and fucking shorts on The View, Drama. Who do you think you are? Richard Simmons?
Turtle: Only gayer.

Ari: How'd it go with your writers?
Eric: They want 500 Gs and a guarantee that the movie gets made.
Ari: Sound like a bunch of idiots. Perfect clients for you, E.

Steve: Who are the fuckin writers, Ari?
Ari: Could be Gaghan, could be Zaillian, could be Bill fuckin Shakespeare. I'll never tell.

Amanda: Edward Norton is an Academy Award nominee who wants to take a very raw script and turn it into something special. If you want to go and sell it to the first person with deep pockets for Vincent Chase, be my guest. It'll be a piece of shit like the last movie you guys made.

Tom: This movie is too expensive for us to finance with you in the lead.
Vince: I totally understand, Tom, and I appreciate the honesty.
Ari: I actually would prefer if you lied to us like every other dickhead in this town. But very refreshing.

Drama: When I came into this world I had nothing and now I'm right back to it. I left everything I had up on that stage... except the clothes on my back.
Shauna: Maybe you should've left those, too. It would have been far more interesting.