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S05E09, Pie

Turtle: Nice! I like Jason Patric.
Drama: You know, when he was doing Rush, he stuck real needles in his arm to prep. That's what inspired me to do real coke when I did the Menendez brothers movie.
Eric: Weren't you an extra on that?

Eric: Maybe it was a mistake.
Turtle: Seems like an odd mistake.
Drama: The guy does a movie every five years. Maybe he's trying to make up for it by saying extra words.

Vince: How'd you stop him?
Drama: I banged his girl.
Eric: What'd that do?
Drama: I don't know, but she was booming.

Ari: So, how is Marlo?
Andrew: Older and flabbier.
Ari: Didn't we swear that we wouldn't keep the women past 45?
Andrew: My New Year's resolution since 1996. But, uh... never took.

Ari: Andrew, you're like LeBron James if he was playing in Spain. Sure, people know he's good, but no one wants to eat paella while watching basketball.

Drama: I took the opportunity to inflict a little damage.
Turtle: What kind of damage?
Drama: The number two kind. And sue me if I forgot to flush.

Barbara: We need to project a certain image and that washout doesn't exactly fit the bill.
Ari: And what do you project? Menopausal chic?

Turtle: I thought you killed it today.
Vince: Killed it? I was basically moving scenery.
Eric: You've got two big scenes coming up that he's not in so you can make up for it.
Vince: He'll probably jump out of a tree and steal those lines, too.