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S05E10, Seth Green Day

Turtle: Should I gun it and just run him over?
Drama: Or should we take the slow and painful approach and piss in his OJ?

Ari: What time is the luncheon, by the way? I'd love to show up.
Barbara: No men allowed.
Ari: So it's more of a rugmuncheon than a luncheon?

Andrew: What, is Barbara Miller some kind of a fashion guru?
Lloyd: Not if you ask me, she isn't. When I think of Barbara Miller, the first thing I think of is way too much skin.

Sloan: You don't have a girlfriend?
Eric: Actually... I have a fiancee. Getting married in June... I'm only kidding. I just wanted to see if you still cared.
Sloan: Can you tell if I do?
Eric: I don't know. I probably should have let it sit there for a little while longer.

Vince: I'm trying.
Verner: No! You're trying to decide what is good for Vincent Chase the actor, not what is good for my film.
Vince: I thought it was our film.
Verner: No, it's not our film! Filmmaking is collaboration, but it's not democracy. You're on this film maybe eight weeks, then you fly off to something. I work on this film for maybe two years! It's got to be my film; my decision. If you trust me, I will get from you the performance that enhances my film the most, and thus, enhances your performance the most.

Andrew: I feel like a douche.
Lloyd: Andrew, my voice must be heard. You do not look like a douche. You look like a powerful, handsome new Miller Gold partner.
Ari: You stick with me, Andrew, and that won't be the last offer you have for a blowjob today.

Barbara: Pretend I'm Julia Roberts, Andrew. Tell me what you'd say to impress me.
Ari: Wow, Julia, it's amazing how much you look like Eric Roberts.

Verner: You see what I'm talking about?
Vince: No, I... I don't really see it.
Verner: Look there, now. You see your head? It's leaning to the side. You look like a dog... a dog trying to understand what its master is saying.

Vince: Verner, I really don't see a head tilt.
Verner: Should I get a protractor? It's there.