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S06E01, Drive

Vince: E, these guys are just bitter cause you're on a hot streak.
Drama: Guy's got more pussy in the last month than the previous 29 years. I wouldn't call it a hot streak, I would call it entering The Twilight Zone.

Turtle: So you been banging all these dates, E?
Drama: E don't bang em that quickly. E needs to be wined and dined for at least a month.

Ari: Didn't you hear? Andrew just signed another show runner. So you either owe me an apology or a blowjob. Your choice.
Barbara: Oh, okay, Ari. I apologize. But I think Andrew should blow you.

Ari: Did you know that my father was very strict?
Lloyd: No.
Ari: Yeah. He berated me and he pushed me and he insulted me. And it made me feel very insecure and lost. But I became a man... my own man. And now I berate and I push!
Lloyd: I've noticed.

Lloyd: You're drinking in the middle of the day?
Ari: Yeah, well, they do it on Mad Men all the time and they're pretty successful.
Lloyd: That was in the '60s. By the time they get to season four in the '70s, they'll all have liver and heart disease.

Ari: I will not be strong-armed, Lloyd!
Lloyd: You just were, Ari Gold!
Andrew: Tough queer.

Instructor: I need you to make a left here.
Vince: All right.
Instructor: Very nice.
Vince: Thanks. I've been working on that one.

Eric: He's gonna show up on set and he's not gonna know how to drive.
Drama: They got stunt doubles for that. Making him get his license is for insurance purposes.
Eric: He's playing Enzo Ferrari, Drama. He needs to know how to drive a car.

Eric: He passed you for premiere tickets?
Drama: Why not? Sheryl Walters let me go in the back door for Young Guns 3D tickets.

Drama: It's all the girls he's been getting. Pussy can smell other pussy and then they have to pounce on it. That's why when you're on a hot streak, you gotta press it like blackjack.

Ari: Hey, I'm still at 6% body fat, okay?
Shauna: Yeah and still like 94% full of shit.

Vince: I'd just be happy to avoid a Razzie.
Drama: There's nothing wrong with a Razzie, bro.
Turtle: Yeah, Drama's gonna go for the hat trick if he ever gets another movie.

Lloyd: What is this, a hazing? This is why I didn't join a frat.
Ari: What frat would have you?

Lloyd: I'm gonna make it through this, Ari Gold.
Ari: It'll be worse than when you had your anal cherry popped, but hey, you just might.