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S06E04, Running on E

Ari: Wow. You pay for that or is there somebody out there who would actually bang you for free?

Vince: Paris.
Drama: With who?
Vince: You guys.
Drama: Four dudes in Paris is not quite the Last Tango moment I think you're looking for, bro.

Vince: You guys wanna hit the Mideast?
Drama: I'd love to, brother. You know nothing turns me on like a tan chick in a burqa, but I got work and it's a big week.

Drama: Johnny Chase is about to get a love interest.
Eric: Mail order bride?
Drama: On the show, wiseass. And don't be bitter just because I'll be spending the day test driving the lips of some of Hollywood's finest actresses to find my match.
Turtle: We won't be bitter but they might.

Lizzie: Can I talk to you for a moment?
Ari: Sure, if you remind me who you are.
Lizzie: Lizzie Grant, Ari... from the TV department.
Ari: TV people usually don't make it this far west.

Lizzie: I am very sorry. It was a stupid mistake.
Ari: It was a stupid mistake? That... is your explanation? Then coming in here was even stupider.

Ari: I want you to keep an eye on Andrew Klein.
Lloyd: Keep my eyes on him how?
Ari: Pretend he's Zac Efron's ballsack and find me if you spot anything strange.

Ashley: What's with the fossil?
Eric: Shh... she's nice.
Ashley: Well, my grandmother is nice, but I wouldn't hire her to be the first face people see when they come to my business.

Timothy: The network wants a model.
Drama: Am I the only one who was horrified? I had zero chemistry with these models. Do you know why? Because they could be outacted by lint.
Timothy: But they're sexy.
Drama: Yeah, so what? I made out with fifteen of them and not one of them made me draw wood. I'm attracted to talent.

Trish: Out There. It's a traditional family sitcom. You play a neurotic, funny dad who captains his entire family on a cruise around the world.
David: Wow. So, it's kind of like Raymond meets The Love Boat.
Trish: Yes!
David: Oh, cool... or I just shoot myself in the fucking face right now.

David: Lizzie, why don't you and I grab some lunch?
Ari: That is a great idea. You guys go grab some lunch.
Andrew: But I don't know why they can't just stay here.
David: Cause I'm starving and you're boring.

David: Ari, I'm really pissed. I couldn't even eat dessert knowing I wasn't going to fuck that girl today.

Vince: Look at this guy. Very nice, Turtle.
Jamie-Lynn: I did good, right?
Drama: Eh. Who knew you could find style in the husky section?