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S06E05, Fore

Ari: I supposed I lied to her.
Drama: Everybody seems to be doing that these days.
Turtle: You know, I just can't understand it. Me and my girl, we always tell each other the truth and we have no problems.
Ari: Yeah, Turtle, you have no problems.

Drama: I tried to get Berenson to sign me like nine times in the '90s.
Turtle: At least we know he has great taste.

Eric: How are ya?
Murray: Just came from my cardiologist and all four valves are working. If he'd just marry my ex, or if anyone would, I'd be utopic. Is that a word? Utopic?
Eric: I don't know.
Murray: I'll check. If it's not, I'll trademark it.

Drama: What, you guys don't believe me?
Mark: No, no, Ripley, we believe you, okay?

Tom: Take a mulligan.
Drama: Really?
Mark: Drama, after that shot, take two.

Son 1: Dad, can we get the fuck out of here already?
Son 2: Yeah, Dad, it's fucking hot. And so fucking boring.
Jeffrey: Hey, hey, hey! This is a family day! Now shut the fuck up and hit the ball!

Turtle: What do you know?
Jamie-Lynn: I'm a football fan.
Turtle: Yeah, I thought a Giants fan. And if you really were, you'd know it's the obligation of every true blue Giants fan that, if you see Tom Brady, you tell him he sucks balls.

Eric: Now this is good.
Murray: Hope so. Six Cubans drowned off the Florida Keys to get me these.

Eric: I'm guessing Ari told you about me. I'm actually kind of surprised he said nice things. He and I usually don't see eye to eye.
Murray: Ari Gold? The kid with the Jewfro who used to deliver my mail? No, he didn't tell me about you.

Drama: You want to get off the tee box? I'm trying to win some money here.
Mark: When I'm done with you, Drama, you're gonna have nothin left but that SAG pension.

Eric: I'm hostile because while you may just think I'm Vince's bitch, I've done pretty okay for myself. I don't need you out there begging people to offer me things.
Sloan: I didn't beg anybody. I told someone about you and I thought you guys might make a good match. And apparently he agrees because he's not some schmuck that's just going to go and hand out jobs because I tell him to. And I don't think of you as Vince's bitch, but clearly you do.

Tom: I feel bad taking this money from you, Vince. Especially since you played pretty good.
Vince: Don't sweat it, Tom. I just got paid four million to do the voiceover of a dog.

Jeffrey: You guys laughing at Ari? Don't you know he's the devil? You want to extricate yourself from his destructive powers.