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S06E07, No More Drama

Drama: Maybe the girl you were with set it up.
Eric: Set what up?
Drama: Fantasy rape scene, perhaps?
Eric: Is that what your girls do, Drama? Tie you up and strap one on?

Scotty: Murray said we were absorbing the Murphy Group, so I was expecting at least a trifecta.
Eric: Well, it's just me.
Scotty: Hmm. That's a weird fuckin name then, isn't it?

Eric: Murray said that this whole place is kind of like a team thing, so...
Scotty: Yeah! It is! And like any team, you got LeBron James who makes $120 million, then you've got a jerkoff who's on a ten-day contract. Whichever one of those you think you're gonna be, neither steals the ball from the other.

Drama: Come on, Dan. We had words. Men do that.
Dan: You put your hands around my throat.
Drama: Men sometimes do that, also.

Ari: Don't get a gun.
Vince: Why not?
Ari: Because it's not gonna be a great story if Turtle shoots you in the face.

Scotty: What you do not know about me is that I am 24/7. That is my middle fucking name: Scotty 24/7 Lavin. What that means is that every time you turn around, anywhere, anytime, you will be looking at this.
Bob: That's just great, Scotty. That's just what I wanna be looking at while I'm sniffing a line of blow off her ass: your fucking face. That really completes the image. Do you believe that, Scotty? Cause if you believe that, you'll believe the commission check's in the mail, too.

Bob: I used to live next door to these guys. The puss that rolled in and out of there made my house look like a monastery.

Drama: Constantly, I feel the need to overcompensate. I don't know if it's because I felt Ma loved my brother more than me or because my father started calling me a pussy at age three.

Murray: Good first day?
Eric: Real good.
Murray: Great. Maybe tomorrow you go get Christian Bale. We'll let him execute a cinematographer if he wants.