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S06E09, Security Briefs

Ari: I know it's annoying, Vinnie.
Vince: Do you? Two guys following me behind me at my every move?
Ari: You usually have three. The only difference is your idiots aren't armed.

Ari: I trust you heard that Adam Davies was promoted to the head of his talent department.
Lloyd: I did and I was preparing to send him feces.

Vince: You're gonna have to earn back her trust.
Drama: Never happen. Girls have memories like elephants. You get caught lying once, you're done, no matter what they tell you.
Eric: And what do you know about relationships?
Drama: Everything.

Ari: Take a good look at this man. What do you see in him that you don't see in yourself?
Lloyd: I don't know.
Ari: A purpose. Now call your mother and tell her that you don't have one. All right?

Drama: Do you have any idea how sick this guy must be if he works at The Pleasure Chest?
Eric: Why? You used to spend more time there than the employees.
Drama: Yeah, so what? He's a stalker, I'm not.

Lloyd: I'm coming as soon as your car is washed.
Ari: You haven't done that yet?
Lloyd: It's only been 30 minutes, Mr. Gold. I'm moving as fast as I can.
Ari: If you would have dropped the weight like I told you to, you'd be a little more aerodynamic.

Craig: I really look forward to helping you out. Uh... do you know when he'll be back?
Ari: You want the truth?
Craig: Sure.
Ari: He won't. I killed him. I shot him and I buried him underneath my desk. Any more questions?