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S06E11, Scared Straight

Terrance: If you change your mind, you know where I am.
Ari: Clubbing baby seals somewhere?

Vince: We're gonna have one drink, Johnny. Relax.
Johnny: Yeah, well, better make it a fast one. I need my beauty sleep for tomorrow.
Turtle: Come on. You need to start sleeping years ago if you're gonna have any shot at being beautiful, Drama.

Vince: You didn't wear a bag?
Eric: I didn't have one. She told me she was on the pill. I got to go home and take a shower.
Drama: I'd pick up some Clorox if I was you.

Ari: Bye, Matt.
Matt: So... back to Human Resources?
Ari: Back to the Iowa farmhouse that breastfed you til fifteen.

Terrance: I have some business I'd like to discuss.
Ari: At your age? Shouldn't you have more important concerns? Like finding an assisted living facility?

Terrance: This place... I mean, it's amazing. I can't believe how quickly you've gotten back on your feet.
Ari: I'm more than back on my feet. I'm towering over you.

Jamie-Lynn: I'm downloading you the new Empire of the Sun album.
Turtle: I thought you were picking songs for you.
Jamie-Lynn: I started to but I gave up when I came across your Boyz II Men collection.

Eric: What do you know?
Scotty: That she keeps it movin, baby. She gets around.
Eric: She gets around, Scott? What are you saying? Have you been with her?
Scotty: No. Not my style. The girl's like a Petri dish.

Ari: Funny running into you. I just saw your husband.
Melinda: Really?
Ari: Yeah. Still not looking quite alive enough to have gotten you.

Terrance: What's the meaning of this?
Ari: It means that I'm amazed that it's taken you this long, but once again, you have let a vagina get you into trouble.
Terrance: What are you talking about, Ari?
Ari: I think you know. You and I have always understood each other without saying too much. That's why we were so good together. But you fucked me, and now you fucked someone else, and now I'm going to fuck you.

Terrance: 85! That's my drop dead number. Not a dollar less. I don't care what you think you know. Otherwise, I'll open it up to bidding.
Ari: And you'll open yourself up to humiliation. Don't you want to be on a beach somewhere when Nikki Finke starts flashing pictures of you trying to get your dick hard?
Terrance: I'll fuck Nikki Finke before I let her affect my business decisions. 85, Ari!