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S07E03, Dramedy

Turtle: He better hurry. I've got to meet my accountant in an hour.
Drama: You mean Vince's accountant.
Turtle: I pay him.
Eric: Yeah, on layaway.

Eric: You bought a motorcycle?
Vince: Don't worry, E. I made sure to get one with airbags.

Vince: Hop on, E. I'll give you a ride. I want to show your boy Lavin my bike anyway.
Eric: No, Vince. I'm not sitting on that weird little seat and wrapping my arms around you.

Mrs. Ari: What am I so upset about?
Ari: Yeah.
Mrs. Ari: The slut that ruined your best friend's career and marriage is still working in your office. And if that wasn't enough, for some reason you were spinning her around like you just won Dancing With the Stars.

Scotty: Truth be told, I'd suck herpes out of a girl's ass for you.

Drama: I thought we were going to get some high-end showrunners in here.
Lloyd: I'm setting all I can.
Drama: What about Dick Wolf? He personally told me I was great when I played a streaker in SVU.

Turtle: My business is growing.
Marvin: You lost two grand last month.
Turtle: Yeah, but I lost three grand the month before.
Marvin: That's because you stopped eating lunch.

Ari: I have ears everywhere. Let me just say that if those ears hear about anyone talking about me, that person will die. And I'm not threatening your jobs, I'm threatening your lives, and I'm serious.

Eric: Come on. Read with me.
Drama: I don't think you opposite me is going to bring out my best.

Drama: What, I'm playing the ugly guy?
Eric: No, you're playing the not-as-good-looking-as-the-really-good-looking guy.
Drama: Good luck casting that.

Barbara: I want to talk about Lizzie.
Ari: Oh, Jesus. She went running to her grandmother.

Ari: Ahh, the good cop bad cop game. I like it. Maybe later we can role play, huh? Is it just me or would you look great in leather pants and a gag ball?

Eric: I've got a great job, great fiancee... probably should have put you first, right?
Sloan: Yeah, you probably should have.