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S07E10, Lose Yourself

Mrs. Ari: Everyone is looking at me! I don't even want to be here.
Ari: You're here because of your son. And no one is looking at you except that Siegel kid's dad who always looks at you cause he wants to bang you.

Ari: You're supposed to support your husband no matter what.
Mrs. Ari: Even if you're making a complete jackass out of yourself?
Ari: Especially then!

Porn Vince: Vince! Big fan.
Vince: Oh yeah? Too bad I can't say the same. Haven't seen your work.

Sasha: You knew what I did when I met you.
Vince: Well, it's making me sick.
Sasha: Guys like you that go and fuck all sorts of girls just for the fun of it usually make me sick, too. But I made an exception. I guess I fucked up.

Ari: I will clear your debts.
Marci: What?
Ari: You get her out of the house and bring her back, I will clear your debts. I'll keep your kids in that private school you love. Even the not-so-quick one who had to repeat the third grade.

Vince: Got myself a present.
Eric: For what?
Vince: For being me and for not having to answer to you.

Mrs. Ari: Marci, get off the phone! You look like my douche of a husband!

Turtle: I don't know if I like Carlos or not, but you know what? I think we need him. I think we could use him. He's a personality, and to be honest, he'll sell the product better than Vince will. Like Juan Valdez did for coffee. Like Aunt Jemima did for syrup. Like that "where's the beef?" lady did for whatever the fuck she was selling.

Terrance: Murray's worried about you, Eric, as am I.
Eric: What are you worried about?
Terrance: My daughter. Aside from the fact that she's blessed by my incredible gene pool, she's also blessed with an awful lot of my money. I'd hate for that money to give you any less incentive to really work hard.

Christina: Ari, it's 9:15. You asked me to do an hour.
Ari: Please play a little bit longer. I know I can't pay your fee, but I'll give you the deed to my house.
Christina: That's still not gonna cover it. I want your Lakers seats for the Playoffs. All of them.
Ari: Done! I'll tell you what. You give me a Grammy-worthy performance and I'll get Kobe Bryant to sing at your birthday.