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S08E01, Home Sweet Home

Rehab Girl: That was hot. I totally bought you were sober and going for it.
Vince: I am.
Rehab Girl: Fuck, you're sexy.
Vince: Sober is sexy.

Scotty: Listen to me. You can't not want to sign everybody that wants to fuck Sloan, because everybody wants to fuck Sloan.

Scotty: Scott, listen, I am going to pick up Vince with Drama and Turtle. And that's it.
Eric: Okay. Well, Vince thinks I'm coming, too, okay? So I can follow behind you like a fucking jerkoff, or I can get in the car with you like a human being.

Lloyd: Ari, you haven't had any time for anything since... the S-E-P-A-R-A-T-I-O-N.
Jonah: I can spell separation, Lloyd.
Ari: Get out. And don't ever spell in front of my son again, because he's S-M-A-R-T-E-R than you.

Vince: Did you guys get caught up in that whole mining disaster? Fifteen guys stuck underground for a month.
Eric: Yeah, in Chile. It was like a year ago.
Vince: This wasn't Chile. It was Romania.
Drama: These things happen bi-monthly.

Ari: I just want to make sure that we all have our senses here, because he's pitching a Lifetime movie that should be starring the Marley and Me dog, not him, and a bunch of dummies are drooling like he's selling Avatar.
Scotty: No one drooled.
Eric: I didn't hear you say anything negative, either, Ari.
Ari: I said it with my eyes, all right?

Drama: This is gonna be a sober party. Even the fake shit's gotta go.
Scotty: Yeah, but who's actually coming?
Drama: You know any sober people?
Scotty: Of age?

Scotty: How did you get all these girls here so quickly?
Billy: I went around to a bunch of NA, AA, whatever A meetings I used to attend. Told them Vince Chase was dry and lonely.

Scotty: Did you girls come together? If not, you want to?

Billy: An addict, unlike most people, once they start drinking, smoking, or doing whatever it is they're addicted to... it's impossible for them to stop. The compulsion is too strong. I, myself, cannot even have one sip of beer.
Drama: Why? What would happen?
Billy: After about a week, I'd be holed up in my grandmother's house with my penis tied off looking for a vein.

Vince: I wanna get back to where I was. I want all of this behind me. But if you - my agents, my representatives, or whatever the fuck you are - keep treating me fucking weird, I can't do that.