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S08E02, Out with a Bang

Drama: Why are you dressed like it's '04?
Turtle: All my clothes burned up in the fire. "Why are you dressed for a bisexual paintball tournament" is a better question.
Drama: Bisexual? This shirt is mad hetero. Look at these pythons. You can clearly see I'm hiding an eight pack under here.

Vince: I was thinking, since Billy did such a great job on Johnny's show, we should give him the first shot at this. What do you think?
Eric: I like it.
Drama: I love it. The guy knows my voice like Scorsese knows De Niro's.

Eric: What do I do about Sloan?
Drama: Well, I'd get my shit out of there before she works herself up to into an Elin Nordegren state.

Ari: You pregnant?
Lloyd: I'd never carry a baby after all the hard work I put into this body.

Lloyd: I had my breakfast meeting with Steven Levitan this morning.
Ari: Congrats. You gonna be the new gay on Modern Family?

Dice: Would you be up for a little sit down? Today?
Eric: Today?
Dice: Or even sooner.

Dice: I used to live on three acres in Beverly Hills. Now I live in an apartment in Encino with my wife, my kids, and a sick fucking cat.
Scotty: He's got you beat, Drama.
Drama: Maybe cause of the cat.

Billy: Vince, you've taken the blank page, you've put something down, and you now know what it is to have put yourself out there. And if I were to tell you that it sucks, it would hurt.
Vince: Does it suck?
Billy: Some of it sucks.
Vince: That does hurt.

Ari: You still wanna be head of the TV department?
Lloyd: I would let you pull out all my fingernails with pliers for the honor.

Turtle: She called Abby but she hasn't called me.
Drama: Maybe she's gone lesbo and she's too ashamed to tell you.
Dice: Who would be ashamed of that?

Ari: Bobby? Flay? You're dating a cook?
Mrs. Ari: He's a chef, Ari. And he's a businessman. And he's kind, and respectful, and generous.
Ari: He's a redheaded fire crotch. He's a genetic mistake.

Vince: What happened? Are you all right?
Eric: Yeah. All good. Sloan's moving to New York.
Drama: Wow. Poor guy must fuck like dogshit.