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S08E03, One Last Shot

Carl: Hey, Vince. How are you?
Vince: I'm doing good, Carl. I was just telling my buddy over here how the program got me to let go of all my anger towards you.
Carl: Oh, that's good.
Turtle: I'm not in the program, so I still think you're a douche.

Eric: You look awful.
Drama: Of course I do. I haven't slept in days. Dice won't let me.
Scotty: You should get separate beds.

Eric: Is this guy's deal really that bad?
Scotty: Yes. Andrew Dice Clay is almost paying the network to allow him to come to work.

Ari: I mean this sincerely, Vince. I would hack off my penis before I would ever allow you to work with Carl Ertz again.

Vince: Ari, it's been a while since you've been with another woman. It's natural to be scared.
Ari: I'm not scared. I'm scared for the town, cause once I go out, women will fall and men will start wailing. You do not wanna compete against me for ass, Vinnie.

Eric: After talking to Phil, we think it's a bad idea, Dice.
Dice: Oh, yeah? And what about you, Drama? What do you think?
Drama: Well...
Dice: Well, what? Are you going pussy soft on me?

Scotty: We just need you to think about the big picture. We need you to think long term.
Dice: Long term? Let me tell you something. I was starring in movies while you were still sittin on the bottom of your daddy's nutsack.

Katie: You're cute. You'll get your groove back.
Ari: Stella did, right?
Katie: Who?
Ari: It... doesn't matter.

Scotty: Who's he?
Billy: He's a guy who sucks... who was forced down my throat against my wishes. And he's doing a bad Dice impression.
Phil: He's good. He's... very, very good.
Billy: He sucks and now the show sucks. And I hate everyone.