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S08E06, The Big Bang

Billy: You told me this little strike of yours would last 24 hours or less.
Drama: Trust me, Billy. It'll all be over soon. You just can't panic.
Billy: I have a mortgage, five kids, and no maple syrup, Drama.

Drama: They'll cave.
Billy: They better. Or I'll cave your fucking face in. You cost me this job and I'll kill you. I don't mean figuratively. I'll literally gut you like a salmon steak.

Ari: Barbara, hi.
Barbara: "Barbara, hi?" What kind of a weird greeting is that?
Ari: What would you like?
Barbara: It's not what I'd like, but I'm more used to "hey, Babs, you're so old I'm surprised they didn't carry you here in a coffin."

Ari: I simply wanted to take it out of the company. Borrow it.
Barbara: Eleven million dollars? I know you don't visit the accounting department very often, but cash flow is not ideal right now.
Ari: Then float me. You probably have that much in your Depends.

Barbara: Amazing. World-class chauvinist Ari Gold's balls are being held by two women. Who'da thunk it?

Lloyd: Greed is no longer good, Johnny.
Drama: This isn't about greed, Lloyd. It's about doing good work.
Lloyd: Well, you could be doing good work at a dinner theater in Boca Raton, Florida, if you don't get back to work.

Ari: Yo, grill master! Are you in my fuckin house? I've got a new show for you. It's called "Boy Meets Husband Who Kills Him!"

Ari: Look, honey, I've changed. I'm leaving my house with you and your barbecuing boy toy in it. No fight, no cops called, no tears, no beating his fuckin face in.

Dice: You believed when you came into this you had the right goal, right?
Drama: Yeah, yeah, but I don't know. Maybe I'm just a crazy self-sabotager like my therapist says.

Lindsay: What we had wasn't the deepest, most intellectual relationship, but I'm sure you've had your share. I mean, I'm one of what? A thousand?
Vince: No.
Lindsay: More?
Vince: You know, I'm not good at math.